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Polyurethane Insulated 

Cold Room Panel System

ACOLD cold rooms are made to measure using a modular customized panel system…

Prefabricated Sandwiched Panels are insulated by CFC free rigid polyurethane foam with density 40-42 kg/m3.


The standard facing for the panels is 0.5 mm galvanized steel sheet, coated with White (RAL 9002) food safe polyester. The facing can also be plastified galvanized sheet or AISI304 stainless steel sheet. Panels are available either in flat or ribbed form


Flooring has 9 mm non-slip hexagonal formed resin plywood facing which is suitable for pedestrian traffic and trolleys with rubber tires. Or alternatively AISI304 non slip formed stainless steel with plywood underneath. 

In case fork-lift trucks are used in the room, then the floor surface should be of underneath insulated reinforced concrete.

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