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A-COLD sliding doors are durable, easy to use, and free of maintenance and meet the high requirements af the food processing industry (HACCP).
The core of the door is injected PUR rigid foam. Door blade is of anodized aluminum profile. Frame is made of PVC. The door leaf is finished on both sides with plastified sheet metal. Unique rail system makes the opening and closing very light. 

A-COLD doors are produced for both positive and negative temperature applications and are available in different RAL colors.

► Surfaces: Plastified sheet metal, polyester coated sheet metal or AISl304 stainless steel. ► lndividual opening sizes. ► Overlapped door leaf. ► Opening types: left- right, single leaf. ►Blade Thickness: 70-90-120-150 mm. ► Temperature: +60 / -40 °C ► Key Lock ►Inside emergency safety opener. ► Silicone door gaskets. ► With our without threshold ► Can be built into panels or brick wall. ► Door frames: PVC frame with door heater as option. ► Oil filled threshold heater as option. ► Can be operated by hand or electronic system  ► Electrical operation: with switches, with safety sensors (Options: photocell, induction loop) ► Optional meat rail aperture. 


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